The purpose of Spray-On Fireproofing is the protection of structural steel members which make up the skeletal frame of a building or structure.  In other words, Fireproofing is a security blanket for the steel members that hold the building up.  This “security blanket” is meant to delay the steel members from heating up due to accidental fire, causing them to twist, warp, and even melt, in turn causing the structure to catastrophically fail before occupants can exit.  The integrity of the security blanket is of utmost importance in achieving this type of protection.  If there are holes in the blanket, it will fail.  This is true of Fireproofing.  Fireproofing, or Spray-Applied Fire Resistive Materials (SFRM) must be continuous throughout the structure in order to provide proper protection to the building frame and its occupants. Below is a list of commercial SFRM applications Certified Fireproofing, Inc. offers:

  • Cementitious
  • Mineral Fiber
  • Intumescant
  • Mineral Board Fireproofing


Certified Fireproofing, Inc. offers a wide range of insulation applications. We continue to grow and educate ourselves with the ever-changing energy codes. Our focus is in commercial building insulation and the applications we offer are as follows:

  • Spray-Applied Insulation
  • Semi-Rigid Insulation
  • Rigid Board Insulation
  • Fiberglass
  • Underside of Deck Vinyl Insulation
  • Simple Saver/ Opti-liner Systems


It is common for there to be confusion between the terms “Firestop” and “Fireproofing.” Firestop is another form of passive fire protection, but centered around containment of the fire and smoke, rather than protection from the fire as is the case with Fireproofing. The concept is as simple as containing a fire from spreading into other areas by providing fire and smoke tight seals at the periphery and penetrations of fire-rated construction, such as walls and floors. This is done by providing and applying many different types of systems that have been tested to withstand certain temperatures of fire and smoke for a finite amount of time. 

  • Fire-Resistive Construction Joints
  • Perimeter Edge of Slab/Curtainwall Firestop
  • Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Through-Penetrations
  • Data Cable Management and Protection
  • Specialty Applications Requiring Engineering Judgments
  • Smoke and Sound Applications
  • Core Holes

Fireproofing (SFRM) Repair


Spray-Applied Fire Resistive Materials (SFRM) or “Fireproofing,” is like any other product in that it can be damaged, removed, or even improperly installed.  This happens quite often during renovations and fit-outs, but even happens during new construction projects.  Building codes require these damages to be repaired before occupants may enter or re-enter the area to conduct business for which the structure is meant.  We here at Certified Fireproofing, Inc. are well trained in identifying Fireproofing Materials that fall into these categories, and a large part of what we provide to our customers is repair and replacement of these materials.  Years of experience have allowed us to identify materials simply through visual inspection, which in turn allows us to identify the correct materials and procedures for replacement.  Throughout the many phases of construction on a project, Fireproofing Materials are subject to not only damage by complete removal, but also scraping or scuffing causing thickness deterioration which will affect the required hourly rating of the steel.  Additional Fireproofing can delaminate due to normal physical abuse or heavy moisture exposure.  These materials must be removed prior to repair as the static bond has been lost and can only be regained by complete replacement of the affected areas.

Certified Fireproofing, Inc. has over 100 years of combined experience in repair and replacement of Fireproofing materials.  We understand the importance of safety, and we are well suited to help during any facet of construction to restore the integrity of the Sprayed Fire Resistive Materials.